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5 Healthy-ish Dallas Restaurants I LOVE

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This has been a favorite of mine since they first opened back in 2013. Austin and I have had many date nights here and we even had our rehearsal dinner up on the rooftop and it was amazing. I've always loved the vibe and the food and service has always been great! The only con is they have gone up on their prices several times over the years but it's a hot spot and it's Dallas, so not that surprising.

While I wouldn't technically label this a "healthy" restaurant as most things on the menu are going to be pretty high calorie (like their nachos-which are amazing) but you can customize your own bowl, which I always go for!

Create Your Own Bowl:

Grilled Chicken or Sirloin Steak

Favorite sides to choose from: Sweet Potato Hash, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Quinoa & Mushroom Pilaf

Also Good:

Cochinita Nachos (split with friends because it's a HUGE portion. I don't usually like nachos but these are fancy & GOOOOD)

Moscow Mule: These are made with Ginger Kombucha and agave. Since the kombucha is already sweet, I ask for no agave to cut down on the sugar. These are good, but I will say I hardly get them unless it's happy hour because $10 for a cocktail that's mostly ice is not my jam.

This place is great to pop in for a quick lunch or dinner. Kids always eat free after 4pm, which is nice! They also serve breakfast all day and their breakfast bowls are delicious. On their main menu you can choose to get everything as either a Salad or Wrap. They have a GF wrap that's locally made and really good!

The Epic Wrap/Salad: Their version of a greek salad-greens, kalamata olives, grilled chicken, pico, cucumber dill dip. I skip out on their dressing and just get extra cucumber dill (similar to tzatziki).

The Clubhouse Wrap/Salad: House Roasted Turkey with bacon, greens, tomato, guacamole, sprouts.

The Dagwood Breakfast Bowl or Wrap: Roasted white potato or sweet potato hash, arugula, eggs, cheddar (I usually skip the cheese and ask for some avocado slices)

This is probably our most frequent places lately because the one in Lakewood is close to us, kid friendly, and easy to get in and out!

Salmon De Coco (plain white rice instead of coconut rice) I get this dish 90% of the time-it's so good and probably my favorite salmon EVER!

Pollo Con Papas: Austin's favorite! Although he always gets double chicken and double rice (he has to have a huge portion LOL) Roasted chicken breast, gold potatoes, rice, arugula, and sauce on the side.

Sopa De Lima: Their version of Tortilla Soup. It's broth based with lots of vegetable and delicious shredded chicken.

Carne Tacos or Chicken Tacos: Both good options, corn tortillas. If you want to cut back on the carbs you could ask for roasted veggies instead of rice/beans.

One of my FAVORITE date night spots! We love to go when the whether is nice and sit out in their little courtyard. Delicious Mediterranean food! I've been going to the Travis Walk location for YEARS and it's always great!

Ziziki Salad with grilled chicken skewers: Basically a greek salad but the dressing (on the side) is THE BEST. It's tzatziki dressing and it's so flavorful-a little goes a long way. The chicken skewers are delicious.

Chicken Souvlaki with Roasted Potatoes: Austin usually gets this. Chicken skewers but with pita bread and roasted potatoes (delicious). He will usually just ask for double potatoes instead of pita bread since we get bread with the hummus.

Artichoke Hummus with pita: Some of the BEST pita and hummus in town! You can ask for cucumber and carrot slices if you don't want all the bread.

I have to include this one even though I've only been there a few times...and I always have gotten the same thing! But everything else on the menu looks delicious and I've been wanting to go back!

Bison Burger (Bunless, wrapped in lettuce) with Sweet potato fries (best ones I've had in Dallas)

They have a variety of different salads that look BOMB. They also have a Spaghetti Squash dish that looked good!

If you've eaten here, please tell me your recommendations so that I can go back and try something other than the bison burger, haha!

Now tell me, what is one of YOUR favorite restaurants in Dallas?

Comment below OR share on my IG post!

Stay Strong Ladies!



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