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about the program

The Strong & Lean program was created to give women an affordable alternative to private training. The full body workouts are designed to target each major muscle group and will have you in and out of the gym within an hour. If your goal is to build a strong and lean physique, this program will help you get there.

As a subscriber, you have access to 2 different programs. The "Main Program" which was the original program I designed when I created Strong & Lean. This is a gym-based program-you will need access to more equipment (barbell with plates, rack, bench, dumbbells, etc.) The "At Home Program" is designed with minimal equipment (dumbbells and bands + a bench or chair/step). You will have access to both workouts within the subscription. Some women like to follow the main program for the majority of time but also follow the at home workouts when traveling or when they are unable to get to the gym. 

what's included?

Strength Training

  • 3 Full Body Workouts/Week

  • 4 Week Training Cycle

  • Progressive Overload

  • Bonus Workouts

  • Barbell + Dumbbells required for Main Program

  • Dumbbells + Bands Required for Home Program

Training Videos

  • Instructional Video walking you through the workouts each month

  • Exercise Video Library with 30+ exercises

  • Free form checks for all members! 

Printable Training Logs

  • PDF's that you can print each month and take with you to the gym to track your progress

  • Track your reps/weight/sets for each workout, each week

One on One Support

  • Text Support Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (CST)

  • Accountability

  • Form Checks (send me a video of you lifting/doing a particular exercise you want me to check)

the workouts

Each workout consists of 2-3 "Main" lifts and 4-5 "Accessory" exercises.  The Main lifts are the focus of this program and each month we will be building off of these exercises. The Accessory exercises add volume to the workouts and an extra stimulus to the muscles. 

These workouts include variations of the Squat, Deadlift, Hip Thrust, and Push and Pull (ex. pushup, pull-up, row).

To get the most out of the "Main Program" access to a barbell with weights, dumbbells, and a bench is required

To get the most out of the "AT HOME Program" access to dumbbells and bands are required. 

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