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My Labor & Delivery Story-Part Two

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

We arrived at the hospital around 3:30pm and headed straight to my Midwife's office. I probably stopped 6 times from the car to her office with contractions so intense I had to lean over with my hands on the wall and breathe.

As we walked into the office, both my midwife's were there and they guided me to the early labor room. My midwife, Adrienne checked me and I was already dilated to 5.5 cm and 80% effaced. Hallelujah! I felt a huge amount of relief and told her I was ready to go up and get checked in to my room and GET THAT EPIDURAL!! All the praise hands!!

Little did I know it would be another hour till I actually got any relief. I got to my room, changed into the hospital gown, put on my hospital playlist (which consisted of mainly Hillsong and Elevation worship) and they hooked me up to monitor the baby and give me IV fluids. Contractions were crazy at this point!! But knowing I was so close to relief gave me some hope!

Finally the anesthesiologist came in and administered the epidural. The epidural worked pretty instantly on the left side of my body but I could still feel the contractions on my right side. The nurse had me lay on my right side to help, but the feeling on the right side never completely went away, but it definitely helped. I actually had them come in several times that evening to give me more!

My doula advised that I try and get some sleep but there was NO WAY. I don't know if anyone else had this happen to them but I was shaking uncontrollably. I don't know if it was from the epidural or nerves or hormones but I could not stop them. I was NOT hungry but I knew I needed to stay hydrated. I sipped on watered down gatorade and had a popsicle. I was so glad I wasn't nauseas considering all the months I was sick in pregnancy.

My midwives said they would come in around 9pm to check me and get ready to start pushing. Around 8:30pm I started getting really nauseas and threw up. THE WORST :( But they say that helps progress your labor, so alrighty then!

Shortly after 9pm I started the pushing process. To summarize this part: It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I pushed at each contraction which were about 6ish minutes apart for a total of 3 hours. I heard that it's pretty normal for first time moms, but I really didn't think it was going to take that long for me. The last hour they brought out a big mirror (sounds weird I know!) and it helped so much with pushing. And I was so glad I chose to use it because it was amazing to get to see Jack come out.

At 12:09am on March 27, 2019 Jackson Bradley Pilling came into our world. It was incredible. I got to reach down and pull him straight up to my chest. It was one of the best moments of my life.

The atmosphere in the room those last couple hours before he came was heavenly. Everyone was singing along to worship music and the room was so calm. I'm so thankful for my doula, midwives, my nurse, and of course Austin. Everyone was so encouraging to me, especially during the pushing process. No one ever brought up a c-section or mentioned doing any sort of intervention. My midwife Adrienne, who delivered Jack was so calm about the process and didn't put any pressure on me whatsoever. I'm so thankful for that.

Jackson was so alert and awake and Austin and I were amazed that he was finally here. And that he had been in my belly all that time! It's such a crazy feeling! We spent the next couple hours bonding and nursing. And even though I was exhausted, I was high on adrenaline and love.

I'm so thankful for a smooth labor and delivery without any complications. I know that isn't the case for everyone and so I know how lucky I am. I wish I could go back to that day, because even though it was crazy hard, it was such an amazing feeling and experience.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them! Just leave them down below!

Stay Strong Ladies!



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