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Finding Strength as a Woman

I am passionate about helping women feel secure in a world that is constantly telling them how they should look, act, and be.


I think a lot of women are afraid to be strong. I think they worry about what other people will think. They worry they will be judged. Many of us are still intimidated to walk into a weight room. Will we look awkward? Will people stare at us?


What if you quit caring what other people thought about you. Would your life look any different? Would you FINALLY be able to go after your goals?

My mission is to help YOU feel strong, capable, and confident. I want to help you change your habits and create new ones that lead to lasting change. I will teach you how to train smart and help guide you in developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise.


Without waiting for tomorrow, let's start today. 

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women's fitness
women's fitness
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Work with me One-on-One in my home gym. I will design a program based on your individual goals and needs. Whether you have never lifted weights before in your life or you have been strength training for years, my methods are designed to help you progress over time so that you don't plateau.


Jump in on one of our weekly group workouts or schedule a buddy session with a girlfriend and split the cost!


Work with me from anywhere! 3 and 6 month coaching options that include training + nutrition. A la carte options for those who want just training or nutrition coaching. 


Hear What Others Have to Say

wedding workout

I have trained with Anna for 2 years. She coached me to feel my best leading up to my wedding day and currently through a fit pregnancy. She has guided me to step away from the yo-yo dieting and embrace a lifestyle of consistency, strength training, and healthy eating habits. This has changed my body both physically and mentally.

Jennifer M.

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